Claribel Noieran Ronsmaia
CSR vol12 127
Gender: female
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Weapon(s) of Choice: Kochouenshiken
Status: Alive
Affiliations: Glendan
  • Heaven's Blade Wielders


  • Military Arts Department
  • 14th Platoon
Family: Tigris Noieran Ronsmaia(grandfather)
City of Origin: Glendan
First Appearance
Manga: N/A
Anime: N/A
Novel: Volume 13
Voice Actors
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Claribel "Noieran" Ronsmaia is the grandaughter of Tigris Noeiran Ronsmaia. She left Glendan to follow Layfon in Zuellni as she wanted to surpass and beat him. In Zuellni she becomes a part of Military Arts Department, and joins the 14th Platoon. Later she becomes its leader. She inherited her grandfather's Heaven's Blade and is currently its new wielder.

Skills and Abilities

Claribel uses a special sword called Kochouenshiken (Bladed wing of the flaming butterfly). It is described as a sword with a "handle like a glove protecting the fist, the fingers going through the four holes in the handle of the blade. Thorns [are] attached to the defensive part of the weapon and a small knife [is] attached to a side of the handle" (Vol 13 Chapter 1)

Claribel is also a user of Karen Kei, having studied under the Heaven's Blade, Troiatte Gavanest Frandin.

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